Please email your resume to, briefly state your reasons for application and add your resume in the mail body. Please name your resume “name+position”.

Please add the links if you have a personal blog, GitHub/Stack Overflow, or Zhihu homepage. We will make phone calls and arrange the tests for every qualified applicant.


  • Python Developer


    1. Develop and support the related business systems across the firm

    2. Develop and support the operation and maintenance automation platform

    3. Develop the data platform and the factor analysis platform


    1. Minimum Bachelor's degree; degree in Computer Science (preferred)

    2. Knowledge of web development frameworks such as Django and Flask and data processing frameworks based on Python such as NumPy, SciPy, and pandas (preferred)

    3. Some exposure to front-end web development, knowledge of Vue, React, and Angular (preferred)

    4. Knowledge of database such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, or Redis, knowledge of SQL

    5. Knowledge of development, deployment, and maintenance of the product in Linux environment

    6. Strong sense of responsibility, team player; ability to work under pressure; good communication skills

    7. Experience with full-stack development (preferred); experience with Python+Vue/React projects (preferred)

  • C++ Developer


    1. Develop market access in the trading system

    2. Standardize and optimize the existing market access code

    3. Participate in developing the infrastructure of the trading system


    1. Knowledge of C++; Knowledge of TCP/UDP

    2. Knowledge of Multi-threading

    3. Knowledge of IPC

    4. Experience with trading system development (preferred)

    5. Strong sense of responsibility and intense intellectual curiosity; ability to work under pressure; strong self-learning ability

    6. Knowledge of Linux

    7. Minimum Bachelor's degree at key university (Project 211/985 preferred)


Base salary, above average in the industry; year-end bonus, liked to your contribution and firm performance

First-class working environment with excellent supporting facilities such as ergonomic chairs from Herman Miller

Free, nutritious, and delicious lunch, leisurely trip, commercial medical insurance, etc.

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